FAQ Friday: May 7th

Hello all and welcome back to FAQ Friday, where we answer some frequently asked questions we get around here at the Magic Bus Company. Let’s get it started!

Q: How should I go about choosing a school bus charter company?

A:There are a lot of factors to consider in making your decision. Let’s break the answer down into four parts:

1. Check the school bus company’s past customer list, request a description of the year, make and model of the coach bus or school bus you
are chartering. Make sure you are only riding in the best vehicles available. Safety first!

2. Look into the school bus companies Commercial Vehicle Operating Record (CVOR). This will help assure you that the company has a good record of operation.

3. Visit the office in person. The state of a company’s office and yard says a lot about the operation itself. If you can, check out the vehicles in person before you agree to the charter.