The Components of a Quote

Local Use Charters

Hours of use: Local travel is most commonly based on hours of use. The national

average rate per hour for a full size deluxe motor coach in March of 2007 was $90 (2004 was $83; 2003

was $68). Almost all companies have a 3, 4, 5, or 6-hour minimum charge-5-hours being the most common

across the U.S.

Gratuity: The standard bus operator gratuity for chartering a bus is 10%. About a

third of operator’s pay comes from the gratuity as an incentive to provide good service. The average

wage earned by bus operators is about $12 per hour.

Sales Tax: There is no sales tax when chartering a bus in most states (CA has a 1%

tax, and OH appx. 7.75%).

Over the Road Charters

Mileage: buses traveling out of the local area and overnight are quoted based on

miles. The average charge per mile across the nation in March of 2007 was $2.94 (2004 was $2.66) with

the company’s day rate as a minimum charge per day.

Day Rate: The minimum charge per day if the per-mile charge is not more than the

combined day rates. The average day rate in March of 2007 was $821 (2004 was $769; 2003 was $703).

Fuel Surcharge: During periods of fuel price volatility, bus companies often charge a fuel surcharge to prevent having to change their primary rates (filed and posted) on a daily basis.

Bus companies commonly link their fuel surcharge rate with the Department of Energy’s website:

Driver Change: for every 10 hours of driving, or 15 hours of stand-by time, law

requires 10 consecutive hours of rest. If you plan on driving over 10 hours, an operater change has to

be made. Bus Operator changes range from $200 to $900 depending on how far from the departure city the

change has to be made.

Local Travel: The amount of local mileage allowed per day once the bus reaches the

destination city.

Driver Hotel: Usually the customer books and pays for the operator’s hotel room,

but most hotels will comp the operator’s room at no charge when you book several rooms for your group.

Ask for someone in group sales at the hotel to ensure the operator’s room is complimentary.

Gratuity: The standard gratuity for trips over the road is 10%.

Sales Tax: There is no sales tax when chartering a bus in most states (CA has a 1%

tax, and OH appx. 7.75%).

Other expenses: Depending on your destination, you may encounter other fees such as bridge tolls or airport taxes, most companies include these in your initial quote, and some have you

pay for them as they are incurred.