Terms & Conditions

The Chartering Party is entirely responsible for the actions and care of the passengers while on their Charter trip, make your passengers aware of your responsibilities.

  1. The Magic Bus Company will not be liable for delays caused by accidents, breakdowns, detours, bad highway conditions, snowstorms, traffic congestion, or any other conditions beyond our control, and cannot guarantee the specified time of arrival or departure. We will nevertheless, endeavor to maintain the published schedule. In the opinion of the carrier if conditions make it inadvisable to operate charter service from point of origin or at any point en route, the carrier will not be liable therefore or be caused to be held for damage for any reason whatsoever. Additional costs such as meals, lodging and transportation will in the respect become the responsibility of the chartering party.

  2. The Magic Bus Company will not be liable for lost or stolen articles during the trip, baggage and all other property will be handled only at passengers own risk. Although buses/coach may or may not be secured while unattended The Magic Bus Company is not responsible for any articles left on the bus either overnight, during or after your trip.

  3. Any damage to the interior or exterior of equipment which is caused by any member of the Chartering Party’s passengers, shall be the responsibility of the Chartering Party, including the cost to the carrier for repairs, and loss of service due to such damage. The Chartering Party will be responsible for the general cleanliness of the bus while on route and at drop off, failing this additional cleaning fees will be accessed. The above-mentioned additional fees and costs are subject to administration fees, interest and are due upon receipt.

  4. The driver and/or tour escort has the right to eject any disruptive person who is abusive, poses a safety hazard to other passengers or that is felt to be incompatible with traveling with The Magic Bus Company or completely discontinue a charter at any time.

  5. Extra mileage, extra time or vehicles ordered, other than outlined herein will be charged for at regular rates. Our vehicles do not travel on highway 407 unless arranged by the office and the vehicle you have charted has a transponder- the minimum service charge to travel on highway 407 is $50.

  6. Unless previously arranged and stated in the invoice or quotation, the driver will not pay, any tolls, entrance fees to parks, picnic areas, or parking fees, these are the responsibility of the Chartering party.

  7. Cancellation charges apply: If cancelled 5 or more business days prior to departure charges of $250 or 25% per bus, whichever is greater, if invoice is less than the invoice amount in full; If cancelled less than 5 business days and more than 48 hours prior to departure time of $350 or 25% whichever is greater, if invoice is less than the invoice amount in full; If cancelled 48 hours but more than 24 hours prior to departure charges of $500 or 50% of the invoice, whichever is greater, if invoice is less than the invoice amount in full. If cancelled less than 24 hours before departure full payment is required. All cancellations must be in writing. Past due invoices are subject to an administration fee of $400 or 25% whichever is greater, should the chartering party’s invoice go past due. All cancellation charges are per bus, per day, not per invoice. Cancellation charges may not apply to approved customers.

  8. Unless prior credit or agreed payment terms have been established with The Magic Bus Company, a deposit of 25% or $250, per bus per day, which ever is greater, is required to confirm the order. Failing that, payment by cash, certified cheque, credit card or money order at the departure point. Failing this The Magic Bus Company is not obligated to run the charter and the above cancellation charges apply. If the charter is operated with agreed payment terms that are not met a service charge of 10% of the charter, or $50, whichever is greater, will be added immediately, and additional interest at 28.8% annually, compounded monthly, from the due date will be applied, until the payment, in full, is received by The Magic Bus Company. An additional account maintenance fee of $10 monthly will also be charged until the balance is paid in full. Charter is not reserved until deposit and signed The Magic Bus Company Quotation/Invoice is received in the The Magic Bus Company office, and confirmed.

  9. The Chartering Party is solely responsible for their passengers while on a The Magic Bus Company Chartered Bus trip, at the destination and at all stops along the way.

  10. Prices subject to fuel price increases.

  11. We reserve the right to substitute/subcontract equipment at our sole discretion and without notice.

  12. All The Magic Bus Company Charters are subject to itinerary approval to ensure they meet with applicable laws.

  13. Alcohol is illegal on buses in Ontario. Alcohol is not permitted on any The Magic Bus Company Charter. We reserve
    right to stop any charter at any point without compensation should the Chartering Party or their
    passengers bring or attempt to bring alcohol on a The Magic Bus Company.

We do not accept personal cheques Extra Fees: * NSF cheques $50 * Cheque pick up $50 * Late payment $100, or 25%, whichever is greater, plus interest *