Magic Bus Company

Magic Bus Company is Canadian owned and downtown Toronto located with over 15 years experience in tours and charters. We have built our success on a unique brand of service, dependability and economical rates. We operate Toronto’s most diverse range of buses including school buses, coaches, mini coaches, trolleys, double-decker buses, vans and sprinters. We are recognized as one of Toronto’s safest, most reliable and affordable tour and charter operator. Our strong repeat customer base is indicative of our great service.


Magic Bus Company benefits from ownership, management, associations and representatives that have many years of experience in the tour and transportation industry. Our experience, company structure and knowledge, which only comes with time, is translated into having priorities that ensure the safest, most comfortable, and efficient service for our customers.


Our drivers are evaluated, trained, updated on policy changes and monitored on a regular basis. All of our drivers are prepared in advance with detailed charter information, times, pick up location, destination and routing. They are in constant contact with our dispatch team and prepared for any change in your itinerary.


Magic Bus Company has a high standard of safety, making it our top priority. Our buses are inspected daily by your driver and routinely inspected by our mechanics in accordance to all government standards, required safety testing and preventative maintenance practices. The Ministry of Transportation Ontario conducts both scheduled and random vehicle/log, equipment and facility inspections on our vehicles and recognizes us with an excellent rating. We are fully insured with $20,000,000 in coverage.


Our downtown Toronto location is a key strategy in both our charter business and environmental program. Simply the lower the kilometer from our location to your pick up means more savings and a lower carbon footprint . The Magic Bus Company is highly familiar with Toronto traffic conditions. Our downtown Toronto location provides us with the ability to provide some of the lowest cost transfers and charters to pick-ups originating from the downtown Toronto core.